Artemis is the mother of all life; highest representation of the wholeness and powers of inner and outer nature. The great goddess of the moon represents femininity. She is a chaste virgin and passionate lover, fruitful mother and wise woman. She is full of nurturing, tenderness and creativity. She is the fountain of wisdom and eternal youth, innocence and enthusiasm. She is a worker of miracles. She brings beauty, wholeness and completion to our emotions, dreams and relationships. She pours healing, care and inner peace into our lives.

    Artemis is the goddess of inspiration and a symbol of bringing creative ideas to manifestation. Living in balance through intuition, she symbolizes spiritualization, purification and receptivity. Artemis is the great mother awakening the mother within to nurture our souls and shine our light. As an inner muse she is the light of the illumination, enlightening the ultimate reality of our own true
    nature. Her symbol enhances sacred creativity within and helps any situation give birth to light.


    Creativity, new beginnings, fertility, intuition, grace, strength, healing, compassion, purity, independence, determination, prophecy, art, magic, eternal youth.