Explore Your Soul Jewelry


Each symbolic jewel turns on the light in your heart to reveal your true beauty, power and grace. Let the talismans of the soul unlock doors to your mythical life journey.Cherish and keep your own myth alive. Cherish and keep your light alive.

Each Bee Goddess jewel is a talismanic symbol that has travelled the pages of time, language, culture and mythology.

Symbols are the codes of creation that carry clues to our inner forces and potentiality. Each symbol is an energy portal, which functions as a magnifier and transmitter to manifest and externalize forces from within, into your daily life.

Even though we speak different languages, symbols speak the language of the heart. Humanity passes its wisdom to future generations through myths and their archetypal symbols. Archetypes are mythological motifs; representations of certain energies, that are characterized by similar motifs everywhere.

Finding out our archetypes is reaching out for the infinite power and gifts of the heart. Through a symbolic journey and a dialogue with these inward forces we can explore the greater horizon of our own deeper and wiser self. deeper and wiser, inward self.



Tanit is the shining goddess of love and beauty. She channels passion into productivity, desire into love, and femininity into fertility. As the ruler of the sun, the stars, and the moon, Tanit illuminates all dark paths and guides us to follow our dreams.

Tanit, a birth goddess, represents the primal force thatcreates and renews life—she’s often symbolized by the Urn of Life. Her energy encompasses all that is feminine: the nurturing mother, the inspired companion, the playful bed partner, the wise advisor, and the insightful leader.


Love, beauty, femininity, power, fertility, attraction, desirability, courage, passion, and productivity.


Artemis is the mother of all life; highest representation of the wholeness and powers of inner and outer nature.The great goddess of the moon represents femininity. She is a chaste virgin and passionate lover, fruitful mother and wise woman. She is full of nurturing, tenderness and creativity. She is the fountain of wisdom and eternal youth, innocence and enthusiasm. She is a worker of miracles. She brings beauty, wholeness and completion to our emotions, dreams and relationships. She pours healing, care and inner peace into our lives. Artemis is the goddess of inspiration and a symbol of bringing creative ideas to manifestation. Living in balance through intuition, she symbolizes spiritualization, purification and receptivity. Artemis is the great mother awakening the mother within to nurture our souls and shine our light. As an inner muse she is the light of the illumination, enlightening the ultimate reality of our own true nature. Her symbol enhances sacred creativity within and helps any situation give birth to light.


Creativity, new beginnings, fertility, intuition, grace, strength, healing, compassion, purity, independence, determination, prophecy, art, magic, eternal youth



Inspired by the light of our infinite potential stars are believed to be the windows of the universe; access to heavens. In a black sky stars shines the powerful, illuminating light of heaven. Stars are the symbols of spirit and the guiding heavenly lights; they shine into our hearts thepossibility of our own shining potential.
The star looks to the future and predicts hop eand healing. If you keep one in sight, it will guide you to your destination no matter how far away it is. Star is a symbol self illumination, radiance, a pure conscious.


Beauty, tenderness, attraction, fertility, intimacy,direction and guidance, hope, rebirth, revelation.


Adwo symbolizes peace, hope and passion. Leaders wear this symbol to have a fair vision and open mind to lead their followers.


Clarity, sustainability, wisdom


Shen Ring is a symbol of the sun (circle). Horizontal line represents matter and movement of time. It announces the sun’s return and a new day. Shen Ring connects heavens and earth.

Radiance, renewal, happiness, protection, abundance, productivity


Shakti, a feminine energy, is the creative spark and the key to accessing higher consciousness. As a crescent, it expresses the feminine principles of receptivity, sensitivity, and tenderness. As a horn, it symbolizes the active principles of strength, prosperity, and power.

Prosperity, power, strength, fertility, intuition, sensitivity, tenderness


Sankofa increases understanding of the past struggles, victories and continuing challenges; how far we have come, and how far we have yet to go. Sankofa means “go back to the past, to build for the future”.


Love, unity, integration of spiritual and aesthetic beauty, change & transformation


The harmony of soul and spirit, heart and mind, man and woman. The Crescent is our emotional chalice, and the eight-rayed star of Venus is the light of love and new beginnings.

Togetherness, marriage, eternal love & unity, new beginnings in all relationships


The Tattwas are the five elements that make up the foundations of our material world. They are forms of Energy behind all Matter. Tattwa is a magnifier and transmitter of energies of nature. It brings together the balance and power of elements of creation to manifest our dreams: Inspiration, emotion, burning desire, courage, will power, thought and manifestation.

Balances the energy points in the body. Increases power to manifest your goals and desires quickly through the integration of the five elements; earth, water, fire, air and spiri


Triple Goddess, Complete Woman. The three phases of the goddess are represented in three interconnected spirals. Represents all stages of female life: young girl, mother and wise woman. She endows the nature and wisdom of all three phases simultaneously.


Wholeness, enlightenment, innocence, youth, fertility, rebirth,and wisdom.



“There is only one of you, you are a limited edition piece; unique and precious.
You are perfect the way you are, shine your light”.
Bee Goddess jewelry is an expression of your inner beauty, power and grace.
It is not a status symbol, but a symbol of the soul.
The value of each piece is not measured by its carats;
but by the infinite light of the soul of the one who wears it.