Bee Goddess jewelry brings together timeless universal symbols and their sacred meanings from around the world in a way which promotes personal enlightenment and empowerment through spiritual values.

Its inspiration is goddess philosophy and the 10,000 year old Great Mother is the embodiment of love and compassion, the foundation of creativity, wisdom, beauty, power and grace. Timeless sacred symbols are woven throughout the collections, take the wearer on a spiritual and mythological journey towards one’s own inner divinity. The archetypal symbols are keys to connect to our inner nature and unlock the power of our subconscious, reflecting the true wisdom of the soul.

As a symbol appears in your life, it usually marks the beginning of change.Each design acts as a bridge to an inner realm or hidden treasure, bringing alive the depths of the unconscious to become clear invisualizations and dreams. When wearing a piece of Bee Goddess jewellery, we are inspired and encouraged to unleash oursoul’s potential.


Venus star

The Star of Light

As one of the symbols of the goddess Ishtar (Astarte), queen of the heavens, the eight-rayed Venus star is a symbol of love and new beginnings. As the morning and the evening star; Venus is the light bringer. Venus star is a symbol of creation and a gateway to heaven. It gifts a life enchanted through love and beauty and the power to attract everything that makes life worth living.


New beginnings, hope, inspiration, rebirth, love, beauty, wealth, tenderness, attraction, intimacy, direction, and guidance.

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sırıus STAR

The Star of Hope

Sirius shines the light of the spirit. The blazing star of hope is Sirius, the manifestation of spiritual light, the mystic centre -someone blazing like the light itself. The five-pointed star is a symbol of perfection, health, harmony, union, protection and abundance. Five represents the marriage of heaven and earth, spirit and matter. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. Initially, it was Hathor,
the great mother goddess, who was identified with Sirius. 30 times brighter than our sun, it is called the sun of the sun, the true source of our sun’s energy. If our sun’s warmth keeps the physical world alive, Sirius is considered to keep the spiritual world alive. It is the “real light” shining in the east, the spiritual light, where as the sun illuminates the physical world.


Health, unity, perfection, luck, wholeness, and beauty.

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Jardin Star

The Star of Insight

The Jardin Star is an eleven-pointed star that signifies the highest spiritual insight and vision. It is believed that its 11 rays put us in touch with angelic beings from higher realms. “The Guiding Light” of a star is a metaphor for divine guidance we rely upon as we pursue our dreams, ambitions, and adventures.
The star is a reminder for us to embrace all the wonders, beauty, and enchantments. Reach out for your special star and allow it to guide you to your dreams.
Jardin Star shines into our hearts the light of our soul’s potential and reminds us to dream big and beautiful.


Inspiration, creativity, belief, desire, and imagination.

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The New Moon

The Crescent is a symbol of the Moon Goddess, as well as the element of water–the source of life and fertility. The New Moon is therefore symbolic of new beginnings and rebirth.


Intuition, inspiration, rebirth, new beginnings, growth, and nourishment.



Eternal Love

The moon and the north star represent duality; the harmony of soul and spirit, heart and mind, man and woman. The crescent is our emotional chalice, and the eight-rayed star of Venus is the light of love and new beginnings.


Togetherness, marriage, eternal love, unity, and new beginnings in all relationships.



The Symbol of Illumination

The eye is a symbol of spirit and wisdom. It receives all the light and beauty of life and shines it back into the world. As a symbol of awakening, enlightenment and rebirth the eye connects us to the light of our soul. Its iris is emblematic of the tiny spark of the divine within, the power of our consciousness; it is the metaphorical window to the light of the soul. It symbolizes the dawning of a higher spiritual consciousness.

New beginnings, awareness, intuition, good luck, creativity, spiritual wisdom, focus, clarity, protection, healing.



Mystic Grace & Inner Wisdom

The Queen Bee is an emblem of feminine power, beauty, spiritual wisdom, rebirth, and rejuvenation. As the Queen of the Sun, she symbolizes the wisdom of the soul; she is all about bringing spirit into our daily lives. A sweet messenger of love and light, the Queen Bee foretells the arrival of good luck, prosperity, creativity, fertility, and pleasure.

Happiness, abundance, health and wealth,purity, regeneration, solidarity, wisdom, inspiration, diligence.



The Elixir of Life

Honey is a symbol of initiation, purity and bliss. As source of nourishment it is associated with skill, knowledge & wisdom. Honey is spiritual and physical abundance gifting wealth, fullness and sweetness. It is the end result of distillation - internal working upon the self. Rather than flitting from flower to flower honey is the mystic concentration and Oneness leading into social and individual happiness. Bees are related to angels and Mother Goddess. Honeycomb tells us about the secrets of all creations and how we can make our lives sweet like honey working towards unity.

Joy, pleasure, abundance, health and wealth, unity, renewal, productivity, efficiency, collaboration, clarity, and support.



The Symbol of Love Illuminated

Roses tended by angels in the garden of paradise symbolize love and union. A rose with seven petals is the flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love. The creative spirit of love is a flame of passion in our heart. Seven is the holy number of completion and perfection, and the center of the rose represents the eye of the heart. As it opens, it receives and shines the light of love.

Love, beauty, union, eternal, fulfilment, completion, aspiration, attainment of perfection, elegance, determination, fertility and regal compassion.



Ultimate Woman, Soul of the World

Artemis is the mother of all life; highest representation of the wholeness and powers of inner and outer nature.
The great goddess of the moon represents femininity. She is a chaste virgin and passionate lover, fruitful mother and wise woman. She is full of nurturing, tenderness and creativity. She is the fountain of wisdom and eternal youth, innocence and enthusiasm. She is a worker of miracles. She brings beauty, wholeness and completion to our emotions, dreams and relationships. She pours healing, care and inner peace into our lives.
Artemis is the goddess of inspiration and a symbol of bringing creative ideas to manifestation. Living in balance through intuition, she symbolizes spiritualization, purification and receptivity.

She is the great mother awakening the mother within to nurture our souls and shine our light. As an inner muse she is the light of the illumination, enlightening the ultimate reality of our own true nature. Her symbol enhances sacred creativity within and helps any situation give birth to light.


Creativity, new beginnings, fertility, intuition, grace, strength, healing, compassion, purity, independence, determination, prophecy, art, magic, eternal youth.



Light of the World

Tanit is the shining goddess of love and beauty. She channels passion into productivity, desire into love, and femininity into fertility. As the ruler of the sun, the stars, and the moon, Tanit illuminates all dark paths and guides us to follow our dreams.
Tanit, a birth goddess, represents the primal force that creates and renews life—she’s often symbolized by the Urn of Life. Her energy encompasses all
that is feminine: the nurturing mother, the inspired companion, the playful bed partner, the wise advisor, and the insightful leader.


Love, beauty, femininity, power, fertility, attraction, desirability, courage, passion, and productivity.



The Symbol of the Sun

The Shen Ring announces the sun’s return—the start of a new day. The ring connects the heavens and the earth at the horizon line. This symbol brings magic, wisdom, and clarity and reveals your inner brilliance.The Shen Ring is associated with Eos, the goddess of the dawn, who opens the gates of
heaven for the sun and announces the new day. The Shen Ring, then, is a symbol of creation, perfection, and divine protection.


Radiance, eternity, creativity, source of existence, protection, magic, divination, wisdom, clarity, and rebirth.



Wisdom from the Past to Build the Future

It symbolizes an understanding of one's own destiny. Increases one's understanding for the past struggles, victories and continuing challenges. A Sankofa journey seeks to be a journey for personal change and transformation. Visually and symbolically, Sankofa is expressed as a mythic bird that flies forward while looking backward with an egg (symbolizing the future) in its mouth.


Wisdom, aesthetic and spiritual beauty, redefining self



Triple Goddess, Complete Woman

The three phases of the goddess are represented in three interconnected spirals. Represents all stages of female life: young girl, mother and wise woman. She endows the nature and wisdom of all three phases simultaneously.


Wholeness, enlightenment, innocence, youth, fertility, rebirth, and wisdom



Spiral of Potential Energy

Expression of love energy -connects spiritual and material dimensions, unites life with love. The ancient yogis of India considered it the most powerful of all known geometric power symbols, representing the sound of creation - OM. It attunes you to unconditional love and makes it easier to claim it more fully in life. Helps you see your way to compassion and forgiveness.


Compassionate and unconditional love, spiritual intuition, wisdom, evolution, unity, and growth



The Symbol of Water in Motion

The Fibonacci (or Golden) Spiral, is a symbol of life force, renewal, and growth. The spiral expresses dynamic energy, tuning our path to the power of Spirit. The tremendous energy of the whirlwind or twister is an example of the power contained in the spiral. It represents expansion of energy and infinite potential; it is the womb of change. As a sacred symbol, the spiral reminds us of our evolving journey in life. It is the oldest symbol known to be used in spiritual practices and reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution.


Growth, power, vitality, energy, movement, evolution, renewal, independence, and fertility.



Infinite Joy and Peace, Self Realization

Kundalini is divine life force flowing through you: a motherly spiritual energy. When she is awakened a person is said to experience enlightenment. The Kundalini is there to nourish, to heal and look after you. Grants both a higher and deeper personality.


Self respect, purity, deep emotions and high consciousness, pure love, concern for others



Divine Gift

Sword symbolizes the ultimate power of a bright mind to begin a new journey in the mental realm. It represents the initiation into objectivity, logic, rationality and a higher consciousness. It gives the power of new ways of thinking and fresh insights to result in groundbreaking ideas. It also symbolizes the healing aspects of the mind to release negative patterns of thought.


The power of the mind, will power, intellect, fresh insights, objectivity, logic, rationality, new ways of thinking, clear perceptions, discernment, unity of thought and purity of reason.



The Symbol of Divine Inspiration

Light is a metaphor for the creative power of spirit. Lightning is a symbol of enlightenment, ultimate goodness and truth. It is a 'creative spark' to renew our lives. It announces the presence of the divine forces in our life.


Splendor, illumination, purification, intuitive awakening, insight, burst of energy, creative power, inspiration, fertility, renewal, grace descending, revelation



Glorious Ascension From Earth to Heaven, Unlimited Possibilities

Wings symbolize spiritual bliss & wisdom that frees from all limitations.The wings are associated with the rise of a light heart, dematerialization of the spirit and a sign of intellect and comprehension. This is why angels related to spiritual states are described with the wings. Wings like angels, are symbols of thought, of imagination and of the swiftness of spiritual processes and relationships. Wings promise to clean off all thoughts that restrict us and offer lightness. Symbolizing lightness of thought wings form a link between heaven and earth, conscious and unconscious. As a symbol of knowledge and enlightenment of the heart, wings invite mobility and victory in our lives.


New horizons, peace and grace, spirituality, higher thoughts, mind & capacity, intelligence & intuition, inspiration & imagination, ease & comfort, ascension & unlimited potential, protection, magical communication with the spirit world



Eagle's wings are the wings of the angels that will lift you up in thought, spirit and imagination to the highest summits. Its sharp vision will guide you in your spirit's journey telling you where the greatest accomplishments of your soul are awaiting you. Eagle is the messenger of light, a symbol of height and spiritual principle through its closeness to the Sun. It ascends our wishes and prayers and descends grace.


Blessings, miracles, protection, victory, courage, grandeur, nobility, glory, strength, healing, knowledge of magic