Ece Şirin was chosen as one of the inspirational ambassadors
of She's Mercedes platform in recognition of their shared brand values, and her role as a visionary designer and successful businesswoman who has devoted herself to empowering women for over 15 years.

She’s Mercedes is similarly dedicated to inspiring, connecting and empowering women, highlighting their unique successes and creating a dialogue that transcends cultures, industries and experiences.  It is a
dynamic platform, which celebrates and brings together successful and visionary women to share their life expeirences. 


With the new range Bee Goddess invites the strong women of today and tomorrow to celebrate their superpowers and encourage them to write their own life stories.The carefully curated selection
of jewels brings together seven archetypal goddess symbols crafted in 18K gold and precious gems, that gift the energies that all women need today including courage, inspiration, creativity, self-belief, a sharp mind, good communication skills and focus, as well as collaboration.

The seven special power amulets include Artemis, the talisman of inspiration and rebirth, Tanit, which guides and increases courage and passion, Sword of
, the power of sharp intelligence and overcoming obstacles, and Jardin Star, which represents wisdom and enlightenment, Venus Star, which radiates luxury and attractiveness, and Sirius
, which symbolizes the power of the heart to make dreams come true.  The range also includes the Queen Bee, the ultimate emblem of feminine power, beauty, spiritual
wisdom, rebirth, and rejuvenation.  It is the talisman of cooperation and miracles that offers a life sweet like honey, of abundance and beauty.  

Bee Goddess X mercedes-Benz


Bee Goddess talisman jewels sparkle in the December issue of Vogue Turkey,
in a special shoot created for the new Bee Goddess x Mercedes-Benz

Every woman has her own way of expressing her self-confidence; whether with her smile, her looks or with jewels that elevate her style.