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The earth is full of miracles and good magic, Ladybirds are a symbol of Mother Nature doing something wonderful for you. The ladybird totem indicates how you are going to prosper in life and how life will be more beautiful and rewarding than you expected.

As talismans of good fortune and happiness the ladybird is symbolic of your dreams, wishes, love, good health and great blessings coming to fruition.

Ladybird is a symbol of light. With Ladybird, whatever you’re thinking of and hoping for is going to manifest. Stop and enjoy the moment, a new relationship, romance, abundance and other good news is just around the corner.

The Messenger of Good News Ladybird Gifts


Good Fortune, Wish Fulfillment, Joy, Protection, Miracles, Opportunities, Happiness, Luck, Sweetness, Fertility, Love & Romance, Renewal.

In the idyllic setting of Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum, where azure waters meet the sky in perfect harmony, a special connection s forged between luxury and symbolsim. As guests bask in the opulence of Paradise Bay, they are invted to discover the enchanting allure of the Bee Goddess Ladybird Jewelry Collection, specially curated to celebrate the Hotel's 10th anniversary.

Much like the essence of Mandarin Oriental's hospitality, the Ladybird Collection by Bee Goddess embodies timeless elegance and a profound sense of meaning. Just as guests are enveloped in the embrace of impeccable service and luxurous amenities, the ladybird symbolizes miracles, protection, good luck, and the joy of living.



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