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As one of the oldest living animals, the 200 million years old wied-eyed, long-lived, carefree Turtle is a symbol of earth, wisdom and immortality. With incredible optimism and curiosity, they are believed to bring extremely rare and special good luck.
Turtle's magic unites heaven and earth. The shell arches like the sky of heavens, while the body is flat like the Earth. It inspires the heavenly peace and calm into hearts to start the journey of our dreams to new shores and new opportunities.

Creativity, extreme luck, fertility, youth, patience, strength, stability, longevity, harmony, endurance, protection, navigation, ease and peace.

  • 14K Gold
  • 0.60 Ct H-VS1 Diamond
  • 2 Cm Height
  • 42 + 5 Cm Chain Adjustable
To maintain the original appearance of Bee Goddess products we recommend that you treat each piece with care and follow the below instructions:
• day-to-day wear
• limit exposure to direct heat and sunlight
• keep all jewellery dry and put on after the use of cosmetic and body products
• avoid wearing your jewellery at the beach, swimming pool, or while playing sports. Chlorine and related chemicals can severely discolour and damage jewellery as well as loosen stones and settings” .
• limit contact with rough surfaces and other metals in order to avoid scratching and changes in colour.
We recommend you use soft cotton cloth
• When not in use, store jewellery in the protective bag and box received with purchase
• Metals and stones become scratched when coming into contact with one another, we recommend that you store each piece of jewellery separately
• Chains should be stored closed and laid flat to avoid the formation of knots.
The Bee Goddess Certificate is awarded by Bee Goddess to certify the authenticity and integrity of specific Bee Goddess diamonds. 

Unlike the documentation that may accompany stones purchased elsewhere, the Bee Goddess Certificate is backed up by Bee Goddess' Full Lifetime Warranty. For details about this Warranty, please contact us.

The Bee Goddess Certificate and Warranty provides reassurance for today and many years from now.


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