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Like the very first talismans dating back to the Stone Age, jewelry can posses the power to charge us emotionally.

Elsewhere, Bee Goddess has built itself around a story of self-empowerment and spirituality. ‘Because you are a goddess, you are divine being,’ says its Turkish-born founder Ece Şirin, who is also a spiritual life coach. She believes talismans simply harness the strength already within people: ‘’We need them to empower our psyche and our innersole. It’s like a light bulb: you put it into the socket to see light - which is you, the energy.’’

Şirin’s collections span more than 60 sacred symbols, including the Honeycomb ( representing the heart and the beauty of life), the Sword of Light (protection, wisdom, skill), and the bestselling Eye light, her funky take on the evil eye, an age-old symbol of spirit and wisdom. Fans include Beyonce, Kate Winslet and Madonna, and Şirin loves to tell how customers have found positivity through the jewelry. One client, Michelle, was going through ‘’a very sad and disappointing time’’; despite a series of IVF treatments, she couldn’t get pregnant. One day, after the latest unsuccessful attempt, she was walking through Harrods in a daze and came across Bee Goddess. Remembering the brand’s underlying philosophy, she went home and searched the various symbols, then returned to buy the pendant featuring Artemis - goddess of fertility and childbirth. Unfortunately, the pendant was sold out, but sales associate put Michelle in touch with Şirin, who invited her for a spiritual life-coaching session.

‘’She asked me all those questions’’, Michelle recalls. ‘’What does my daughter look like, what is her name… and I had to write everything down and put all my energy into it. Then we went outside and burnt the paper together.’’ Afterwards, Michelle managed to source the large Artemis pendant with pave diamonds. She wore the necklace every day, and within three months she was pregnant.

Now a mother of three, she has passed on the Artemis pendant to a friend who is struggling to conceive.’’Bee Goddess is not just a jewelry brand,’’ says Michelle. ‘’There’s really something behind Ece - I think she’s a spiritual healer and truly has a gift.’’