Elenor Tomlinson Shines in Bee Goddess

Venus Star Meaning & Powers
As one of the symbols of the goddess Ishtar (Astarte), queen of the heavens, Venus is the light bringer. Ishtar star symbolises the gateway to heaven, a life enchanted through love and beauty. She brightens all darkness.

Eight is the number of new beginnings. It represents a radiating person, a self-luminous consciousness in pure darkness.


New beginnings, hope, inspiration, rebirth, love, beauty, wealth, tenderness, attraction, intimacy, direction, and guidance.

Eleanor Tomlinson in Bee Goddess At The Monte-Carlo 56th Television Festival

Feather of Goddess Freya Meaning & Powers

The Symbol of Wishes Come True

In alchemy, birds and feathers represent the air element, heavenly realms, and protection. Feathers are a symbol of magical communication with the spiritual world.

Magic feathers are thought to bring us passion and devotion for all the things that make our hearts sing.


Awareness, enlightenment, peace, harmony, unity, equilibrium, higher mind, willpower, intellect, fresh insights, rationality, clarity, courage, discernment, and purity.