Brilliant Olivia Colman With Jardin Star Earring & Ouroboros Ring

The Star of Insight
The Jardin Star is an eleven-pointed star that signifies the highest spiritual insight and vision. It is believed that its 11 rays put us in touch with angelic beings from higher realms. “The Guiding Light” of a star is a metaphor for divine guidance we
rely upon as we pursue our dreams, ambitions, and adventures.
The star is a reminder for us to embrace all the wonders, beauty, and enchantments. Reach out for your special star and allow it to guide you to your dreams.Jardin Star shines into our hearts the light of our soul’s potential and reminds us to dream big and beautiful.
Inspiration, creativity, belief, desire, and imagination.
Ouroboros symbolizes the eternal evolution; the new beginning in every ending. The Ouroboros is a symbol of self-sustaining nature, endlessly recreating itself. It expresses the circular stages of life and the power of rebirth.

Self-actualization, rebirth, renewal, new beginnings, self- sufficiency, wisdom, wholeness, unity, joy, enthusiasm, inspiration, and health.