The sword symbolises ‘mind over matter’. It is the ultimate power to shape our essence and rewrite our destiny. It connects us to the energy of miracles. It is the ability to go beyond our mind’s limits into our heart’spotential.

The sword of light initiates us into our divine power. The sword symbolises brightest and sharpest mind - being one with the Divine Mind - in the realm of intuition, inspiration and creativity which are all gifts of the Spirit. The sword will bring out your highest self, ultimate power, courage, wisdom and pure intellect - to be the creator of our destiny.

The sword is a symbol of the highest Spiritual Intuition, power, intellect, wisdom and justice. Its sharpness penetrates into the essence of things, its brightness illuminates the knowledge of divine Truths. The Sword is a precious possession to those who are able to exercise it; it represents union with Divine Intellect. The sword frees the Spirit from all material limitation.

As you penetrate into the heart of the matter you will embrace the Spirit. The sword will connect you to the energy of miracles and wonders in life. All miracles related to healing, abundance, love, peace and more exist in potential. The sword is the switch button, which cuts through all separation, connects us into a reality in which miracles are reality. It is a bridge to move us beyond our mind’s limits. It gives one the power of control with nothing to wait or wish for. It is the divine power and courage of the mind. We are no longer wishing or praying for love, abundance, success but we are in the full action of creating it. It is all our own ‘responsibility’ now.

Sword is the power of certainty…Have faith in yourself to create miracles… If we can control our mind we control our own destiny. The sword’s lesson is to be a warrior peace. We can remove all chaos from our lives no matter how challenging it may be at times the sword gives us the power to fight for peace. If I am doing my part the light will fight for me. (The Creator shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace” Exodus 14:14)

The mind is a sword which can remove the separation, the doubt about what is going to happen tomorrow. When we remove space between cables via a switch button in a circuitry we can activate light. When we have the certainty of victory we can get into wars, which otherwise we would not. Mind over matter is true connection as we remove the illusion of separation in our lives from others and our own dreams. When we imagine the new reality as it is happening now we will start having new sensations, new feelings about life, about who we are. We can deal with current problems through new vision, excited ways. As we are able to create a new reality in our minds we can we can recreate who we are and rewrite our destiny.

Miracles are beyond common sense. Our potential exists beyond the borders, limits and fears of our minds; only an unlimited mind will create miracles. We need to demonstrate faith in our dreams when it doesn’t make sense. We must make an effort to remove the space between others and ourselves; between our current reality and our desire. We have to behave as if tomorrow’s miracles are happening now. Miracles happen as we teach ourselves to be ‘one’.

When we want miracles, we need to create miracles– we need push our limits, go beyond our comfort zone, serve and be there for each other. We need to demonstrate kindness, love, forgiveness, compassion, belief, and certainty when it doesn’t make sense. When we are kind to each other we create true connection. The ultimate level of kindness is love.

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