Stars are the heavenly guiding lights and symbols of Spirit. They are about imagination and enlightenment. Each star is believed to be a window of heavens. In a black sky, they shine the powerful light of hope and inspiration. They shine into our hearts the light of our potential.

The star’s vision is for tomorrow. The star looks to the future and brings hope and healing, even unexpected help to get where we want to reach. If you keep one in sight, it will guide you to your dream destination no matter how far away it is. The starry light within our hearts illuminates our way...Star is a symbol of the Aquarius sign with powers of illumination, radiance and a pure conscious.

Shine so the whole universe shines brighter...

A star is a symbol of hope, a light in the darkness that guides your soul to where it truly wants to go to. Stars are the representative of the endless possibilities in life offering unexpected help, clarity and vision each with their own light and space within the entire universe just like ourselves.

Star Light collection shines with three different stars, set in both 14K white and rose gold, adorned with white, black and blue pavé diamonds. The collection features the five rayed star, seven rayed Fairy Star and eight rayed Venus Star through striking double backed earrings, hand bracelets and drop necklaces amongst other designs. The Ishtar Star ear cuffs grip the length of the ear like a constellation, whilst the Ishtar Star Ring embraces the finger with rays meeting at a central star adding aesthetic impact.

Stars have been a fascination for Bee Goddess since our launch in 2008. Our first collection included both the seven-rayed Fairy star and the eight-rayed Venus star designs. Over time the Bee Goddess constellation have grown over 100 different designs.

All the necklaces, ear cuffs, rings, midi rings, earrings, bracelets can be mixed and matched to add more light… If you keep a star in sight, it will guide you to your destination no matter how far away it is, reminding us to make our dream maps big, beautiful, breath-taking and bold. Stars are conveyed by the intensity of light, not by size. By wearing a Bee Goddess Star, you will be inspired and energized by the light of your heart.

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