Flora the ancient Greek Goddess of flowers was called Chloris meaning green in the Roman myths. The garden is a symbol of the feminine beauty and fertility. Enclosed Garden’ is the womb of the ‘Mother’. ‘The Garden of Paradise’ is the womb from which each child “falls” at birth from a blissful environment into this world.

Most gardens are apart from the ordinary life. The enchanting flowers, the singing birds, all the colours and textures create pleasure and contemplation. The garden of paradise is imagined as our beginning and our destination of another dimension. The garden reflects our fantasies of an ideal inner space of potential wholeness and hidden design. Gardens represent the ability to achieve spiritual harmony, grace and beauty. Gardens tell us of ‘paradise’; an image of the perfect world, cosmic order and harmony and joys of immortality.

The garden is a symbol of consciousness as opposed to the wilderness of forest, which represents our unconscious. It is a place where nature is subdued, ordered, selected and enclosed.

The heart is a garden in which everything we need is growing. Each symbol in the Secret Garden connects you to the beauty and miracles of nature and your inner nature. Life becomes paradise as the heart receives the divine light and its knowledge. Nature has the power of restoring us. Joy, pleasure, calm, wisdom, patience, balance, transformation, inspiration and healing are treasures of nature. Mother earth illuminates her wisdom and gifts through the symbols of nature. Just as we can ‘hear’ each other’s thoughts we can receive messages from nature when we listen.

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