Birds are symbols of higher thinking, dreams, and messages from other realms. The eagle is related with angels to ascend our wishes and descend grace, victory and splendour.

Inspired by the light of heavens Bee Goddess ‘Eagle’ Collection interprets the mythical eagle as a talisman of rebirth, healing, protection and glory for anyone who likes to reach higher. For those who are willing to push the limits of self-discovery and personal freedom, the Bee Goddess Eagles in the forms of necklaces, ring bracelets descend the treasures and miracles of heavens.

Eagles bring down lightning: flashes of insight, power and determination. The eagle’s wings ascend one to new summits through wisdom, inspiration, vision and courage. Associated with the dawning sun the eagle connects one to the wisdom, courage and powers of the Spirit.

Summon the eagle when you like to rise above to new summits as you soar to your soul’s journey. When Eagle comes flying into your life, it is time to reclaim your personal power and fly to the joy that your heart longs for. Eagle will carry you to your destiny through exceptional vision, accuracy and timing in all your manifestations. Like a beacon –your heart will follow the light.

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