The Queen of Hearts depicts a woman who is naturally spiritual, psychic and magnetic. She is nurturing, caring, compassionate and sensitive with a positive outlook on life. She creates an air of mystery around herself as well as deep love of family, friends. She is passionate, proud, independent, intense,strong-willed and powerful.

She is emotionally secure and can connect on an emotional level with others. She is admired for her fairness and honesty and warm-heart. Often a healer, counsellor or psychic, this is a woman who has exactly the right solution to problems relating to relationships, emotions and feelings.

No intuition is more powerful than that of the Queen of Hearts. She is the pure force of Water. She is often like a mirror, reflecting the hidden depths of others back to them, so they can see their own mysteries for themselves.

She is a safe harbour for others. Her ability to connect on a soul level enables her to remedy the broken hearts of others. Her warmth and genuine caring make her a beacon of light.


Beauty, pleasure, happiness, abundance, magnetism, affection, kindness, tender love, spirituality, romance and health, generosity, intuition, goodness, success, happiness, calm, pleasure, wisdom, fertility, intelligence, warmth, power, creativity, intensity.

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