Nurture your own nature..

Following their true nature, the animals represent our deepest instinctive forces. For shamans, animals are a means of access to the magical powers. Their skins, furs and feathers worn during rituals symbolised spiritual alliances with them. In mythology, most Egyptian deities were personified by animals and their spiritual qualities.

Animals are also related to elemental forces such as air, water, fire and earth. Some animals represent more than one element. Not bounded by the limits of gravity, birds belong to both heavens and earth. Through their flight in between different realms they put us in touch with freedom, immortality and joy of spirit. Like angels, they are symbols of thought, imagination and dawning of a spiritual process. In mythology, deities had many bird forms. Hermes leads flocks of souls in the form of birds. Across traditions, magicians and enlightened people were known to speak the ‘bird language’ and carry secret messages to us.

The tiger brings us to a dawn of a higher consciousness, inviting us to new adventures, the lion gives courage and glory and the dragon turns our fears into greatest of powers. Bees are messengers of love. Butterflies whisper the secret of metamorphosis while swans sing the song of rebirth.

You will connect with the glory and the wisdom of the snake, the joy of butterfly and tap into their resources to nurture your own nature. The snake will rise up as you embrace your divine wisdom to give you the power of intuition. The bee will teach the secret to creating the elixir of life, initiating your soul.

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