Feathers are a symbol of magical communication with the spiritual world. In alchemy, birds and feathers represent the air element, heavenly realms and protection. Magic feathers are thought to bring us passion and devotion for all things that make our hearts sing.

In mythology, Freya is a Goddess known for her spectacular beauty, music and floral arrangements. She travels in different realms by using her magical cloak to shape shift into a bird. Her gift is the victory of the heart. In Egypt, feathers were the symbol of the goddess of justice, Ma’ at, a symbol of divine order and cosmic harmony. The Egyptians believed that it was Maat who held the universe together. It was her quality of order, which maintained the world. She had a single feather against which she weighed the hearts to reward deserving souls. Her message was “It’s the little things that count”. We are all rulers of our own kingdoms. If our thoughts and actions are in harmony with divine order we rule our kingdom with a “light heart”.


Perfect balance, protection, freedom, justice, truth, balance and peace, light heart.

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