The Arrow of Eros is the divine light of love. The arrow that shoots high up into the sky links earth to heaven. It is a symbol of a wish carried directly to heavenly realms.

Our heart’s deepest desires carry us to our highest potential. If we know where we are going, we will get there. The arrow represents the flow of our creative energy towards what we truly love and the annihilation of distance. The chain of arrows becomes a ladder by which a hero ascends to heaven. Arrow is the archer who projects himself into his target. The accuracy of the arrow’s aim and the force of its impact depend on the strength of the one who draws the bow.

As the symbol of Gods and Goddesses in myths like Apollo and Diana arrows represent the light of supreme power. Love is the light that enlightens our path and it is the fire that gives us the power to go where we want to go. The heart pierced with an arrow is a symbol of ‘Conjunction’. They are the sweet darts of Cupid. True love’s gift is courage; through connection with infinite wisdom all becomes possible. Love the heart’s true desire in action.

The light of love is the ‘knowledge of the heart’; and makes darkness brighter. As the eye needs the light to see, the heart needs love for true fulfillment. Our vision and our ability to manifest our dreams are related to the amount of light we are able to receive into our hearts. Our success is a reflection of how much light we shine. I wish you receive all the light and love into your heart and shine brighter each and every day.

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