Sacred Geometry expresses wisdom of cosmos through nature.

Power of Five Elements; Spirit, water, fire, air and earth. EachTattwasymbol is a tool for focusing the mind, encouraging conception, and invoking or evoking elemental forces.

‘I am inspired, I wish, I feel, I desire, I will, I think, I do.’

Water represents a deeper connection to our inner nature and the power of our emotions to nurture our soul’s purpose. Fire reflects the divine spark, the burning force of Spirit. It represents passion, willpower and transformation. Earth represents internal resolve and strength, self worth, vitality, endurance, flexibility and resilience. As a symbol of life it brings renewal, manifestation, growth and expansion. Air symbolizes expansion vision and connection.


The five Tattwas are symbols for the five elemental qualities in nature. They are the forms of Energy behind the manifestation of all Matter. Universal Mind, including our individual minds, is Energy. This energetic connection enables us to access and work with the fundamental forces behind all material manifestation.

Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit - together in harmony accelerate and support your sacred manifestation power. Each Tattwa symbol ls a tool for focusing the mind, encouraging conception, and invoking these elemental forces.

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