Bee Goddess...

The Bee Goddess diamond and gold collection of pendants, bracelets and cufflinks brings together mythological symbols and sacred meanings from around the world and across the centuries. The key inspiration of the collection is the creativity, fertility and the loving compassion of the Goddess, the roots of which go back to the Bee Goddess, the mother of all Goddesses from Catalhöyük -known to be the first settlement in the world- Anatolia in 7500 BC.

Each Bee Goddess symbol invokes and expresses an archetypal meaning and story to enrich life with powers such as eternal love, energy, compassion, wisdom, wholeness, creativity unity, happiness, good luck, prosperity, and more.

They are a beautiful reminder to channel one's own inner divinity to elevate life from the ordinary to the magical and connect with others beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Talismans draw power from one source. You! The Bee Goddess heroines and symbols are reminder of who you are -a powerful, radiant beauty and what you aspire to be.

Since the myths and symbols in the collection are products of our collective human consciousness over a centuries' long quest for joy and fulfillment, you can choose the right symbol simply by putting your intuition in motion.

Conveying values, stirring emotions and telling stories, Bee Goddess awakens ancient wisdom to meet the needs of our souls today in a graceful way that sprinkles a little goddess magic into our lives.